Summer Camp 2013

In June 2013, I offered two weeks of Fit Kids summer camp at Southwest Complex. Each week was maxed out with 25 kids. I was sad to turn some kids away.The average age of Fit kids was 11 years old, ranging from 5 to 16. The first week we had more boys than girls and the following week we had more girls than boys. During each week, we all walked 6 miles, swam as far as 500 meters and spent hours on the field doing speed and agility drills.

In those two weeks, I learned once again that kids really love fast food and sugar. Also, parents cook a lot of dinners from a box. For example, hamburger helper, instant potatoes, and mac & cheese. Out of the 25 kids, 9 children had wonderful food logs and ate very healthy. The others had a lot of fast food and processed foods on their food logs.

It was a wonderful experience for my kids and me. It definitely opened some of my kids eyes and their parents too. After the camp, a lot of the kids signed up for a month of Fit Kids on Thursday afternoon. Successful Summer!!!

Coach Brandon