May 2013

Today is the end of National Physical Education and Sport Week. Pamela Settle,editor of Tampa Bay GoodLiving Magazine, Tanya Lewis, parent and CEO of GreenGlider, and me, Chrisoula Kiriazis, spoke at a meeting of the Pinellas County School Board, encouraging the board to maintain daily physical education in our schools. Brandon McIntosh and fit kid Winchester Dermody were there to support us. We learned that Pinellas County Schools employ certified PE teachers to give our children high quality PE. If your child attends a Pinellas County school and you believe that children need activity every day, call your principal and let them know.

Nutrition thought for the month:
Cost of Beyonce promoting high fructose corn syrup AKA Pepsi: $50 million
Benefit of avoiding sugary drinks: Priceless