December 2012

Wow…What a great year to Be A FIT KID . In 2012, we had 3 kids lose 10 or more pounds, 4 kids gave up drinking soda and are drinking more water, 2 kids increased their pull ups by 50 percent, and 1 kid that hated running ran his first 5k. Congratulation to all my kids! Great job, well done!! As you know, Be A FIT KID also published a book in October 2012. I want to thank my partner and good friend Dr. Kiriazis for all her support in sharing my vision. Also, to Winchester Dermody for taking outstanding pictures and supporting Be A Fit KID, Rob and Jackie for making a wonderful website and to Dr. Savel and Kellie Gilmore for believing in Be A FIT KID. To all my current and future kids I hope you all have a great Holiday!! Please be safe and get off the couch over the holiday break. Go for a walk , do push ups during commercial breaks while watching TV, ride your bike, or sign up for a local walk/run 5k. Don’t eat too much……..moderation is always good!!! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR…….

Dr. K’s Nutrition Tip of the Month
Eat breakfast! Eating breakfast has been shown to improve focus and concentration, meaning you will do better in school. You will jump start your metabolism which makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Eating protein during breakfast makes your less hungry later in the day. So, add some nuts to your cereal, oatmeal or yogurt or have an omelet. Bon appetit!