September 2016

COACH BRANDON IS BACK!!!! Fortunately for us, Coach Brandon is back in Florida ready to train and inspire every child who wants to BEAFITKID! Sessions are already underway at Highland recreation center. Stay tuned for more locations and times. Even more exciting, Brandon is an Ambassador for GoodLiving’s Healthy Kids Club, whose common goal it is to provide resources and information to the community to help parents help their children to be healthy…. Watch for more partners and events on our website!

Fall 2014 Coach Brandon Update

Since my time in Texas, I have been networking with Prosper locals, training professional athletes, and attending events/volunteering. Fresh Healthy Cafe will be coming in February or early March 2015 in Prosper, TX. I’m currently working to establish a Wellness Council Committee with the Town of Prosper’s School Board. My goal is to provide a way to inform teachers, staff, students and families about the work the school is doing to improve the health and academic success of its students. Our goal is to create a annual Health Fair and a Family Fun Walk for the Prosper community. Finally in my personal life, I’ve been training for Dallas Europa NPC Amateur Competition in June 2015. I will be competing in Male Physique category. Remember….EAT WELL..LIVE WELL..FEEL GOOD.

Spring 2014

TURTLE TROT 2014 With all the folks at McGough Nature Park on April 26th, we enjoyed the 5K course coursing through McGough and Bonner Park. What a great way to burn off Easter candy! Whether you are a turtle or a hare, get out there!!!    

Winter 2014

This January, we said goodbye to Coach Brandon. He is relocating to Prosper, Texas to manage a Fresh Healthy Cafe and takes his example and message of fitness and good nutrition with him. We will miss him in Largo, Florida but know that his enthusiasm and energy will inspire a whole new group of people in the great state of Texas! Coach Brandon with original Fit Kids Zachary and Winchester Dermody.

Fall 2013

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. One in three children are obese in America. There is a lifetime of health risks ahead for these children who are our children. Childhood Obesity is not inevitable, it’s a choice we’ve made as a society. We’ve chosen to eat poorly because it’s convenient and cheap and we’ve chosen to keep our children indoors because we are afraid for them. Okay, it’s time for a change. Change begins at home, one child at a time. It’s harder to eat poorly at home, if there is no junk food available and its easier to be active if parents are active with their children. Parents have a special responsibility for the health of their children that goes beyond vaccinations and doctors visits. For more information, go the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.