March 2013

In March, I want you to find your motivation. Motivation is defined as “that which gives purpose and direction to behavior”. This past week, Hannah Curlee was our model of motivation. Runner up from Season 11’s “Biggest Loser”, she came to Southwest Rec to sit and talk with our Fit Kids and many other interested people. Why did Hannah succeed in losing more than 100 pounds after failing at least 11 times before? She told us,”I didn’t stop”. Maintaining her weight loss for 2 years, she is taking her message of healthy living all across America. Thank you Hannah! Dr. K Nutrition tip of the Month Saturated fat in meat and cheese is unhealthy but unsaturated fat is not only healthy but one type of polyunsaturated fat, omega fatty acid, is “essential” in our diets since we don’t make it ourselves. Examples of essential fatty acids are fish, nuts, seeds and canola or soybean oil. Olive oil is also a good fat that is an example of polyunsaturated fat that is also good for your heart. More important, fat helps us to absorb nutrients. So, drizzle olive oil on your salad, choose low fat instead of nonfat milk or yogurt, add some nuts to your cereal or fruit and enjoy! Dr. K

February 2013

“Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.” Theodore Roosevelt One of the most important assets in life is good health. While we think of expending effort to acquire material things, we don’t often think of expending effort to achieve good health. As children, playing is a natural way to expend effort for health. Unfortunately, more play has migrated to screens. It’s never too early to teach children the importance of being active. Adults need to make a conscious choice to be active and to incorporate activity into their daily lives. It’s not a luxury but a necessity. It’s also a great education for children to see parents exercising. Expending energy planning, buying and preparing food may seem like a luxury in our busy world but it is time well spent. We all know that good nutrition is a big part of good health. Taking time to eat well is a gift we give ourselves. Unfortunately it takes time and effort. So, before sitting down to the Superbowl, take time to go for a walk and make a salad to go with those chicken wings …. Dr. K Nutrition Tip of the Month Sugar causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation is linked to all kinds of illnesses. Arthritis is a common condition that worsens with inflammation. Eating less sugar helps your joints to feel better and this is part of the reason. Dr. K February Heart Month Recipes Caesar Salad Dressing Ingredients: 3 pasteurized egg whites, 1/2 can anchovy fillets, … Read More

January 2013

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and also ate well in December. In 2013, I want you to think about the word “Inspiration”. Inspiration is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. has inspired me to help children achieve their goals and to create some of my own. I would like everyone reading this to find one personal goal he or she can achieve in 2013. Also, I want you to write it down!! I believe “Goals that are not written down are just wishes”. For example, do a push-up, pull-up, complete a 5k run , eat better, or do better in school. A New Year means a New Beginning!! Let’s make this year the best and achieve our goals. My personal goal for 2013 is to compete in a local natural fitness bodybuilding contest. Also, my second goal is run a 10k in 55 minutes. I’m really looking forward to accomplishing these two goals and also to meeting new fit kids!! Let’s get started…… Dr. K’s Nutrition tip of the Month As a new year begins, I would like your inspiration to extend to one nutrition goal for 2013. It should be simple and achievable. An example might be, “I will stop drinking soda and fruit drinks.” or ” I will stop snacking after dinner.” or ” I will eat at home 5 out of 7 days.” As Coach Brandon says, write it down and it becomes more … Read More

December 2012

Wow…What a great year to Be A FIT KID . In 2012, we had 3 kids lose 10 or more pounds, 4 kids gave up drinking soda and are drinking more water, 2 kids increased their pull ups by 50 percent, and 1 kid that hated running ran his first 5k. Congratulation to all my kids! Great job, well done!! As you know, Be A FIT KID also published a book in October 2012. I want to thank my partner and good friend Dr. Kiriazis for all her support in sharing my vision. Also, to Winchester Dermody for taking outstanding pictures and supporting Be A Fit KID, Rob and Jackie for making a wonderful website and to Dr. Savel and Kellie Gilmore for believing in Be A FIT KID. To all my current and future kids I hope you all have a great Holiday!! Please be safe and get off the couch over the holiday break. Go for a walk , do push ups during commercial breaks while watching TV, ride your bike, or sign up for a local walk/run 5k. Don’t eat too much……..moderation is always good!!! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR……. Dr. K’s Nutrition Tip of the Month Eat breakfast! Eating breakfast has been shown to improve focus and concentration, meaning you will do better in school. You will jump start your metabolism which makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight. Eating protein during breakfast makes your less hungry later in the day. So, add some nuts to … Read More

November 2012

This month we are focusing on the word “Self-Confidence”. The word “confidence” is described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Self Confidence is having confidence in oneself. Last Monday, I challenged all my Fit Kids to a 2 mile run for time. We had 13 kids take this challenge and we finished with 23 minutes and 13 second as a group. Before we ran on Monday, a lot of my kids said that they can’t run that far and they are not going to finish the 2 miles. Basically ,the ones saying that were lacking self-confidence. So the moral of the story is never say “I can’t” or lack self-esteem. Believe in yourself and always push yourself to be the best you can be!! One of my favorite quotes  is from  Mahatma Gandhi: “Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”  So here is a goal for you this month: Try to do some abnormal that you never tried or always wanted to do but didn’t have the … Read More