April 2013

Yesterday, Brandon and I met with Wenonah Hauter, author of “Foodopoly” and executive director of food and water watch. “Foodopoly” is enlightening in showing us how the production of food has been taken over by large corporations who buy our politicians’ votes. Their main goal is to make lots of money. Most of the money they make doesn’t stay local.  Scientists employed by these companies work hard to create the perfect mix of salt, fat and sugar that creates an addictive craving in our brains. They use advertising to target our children. Who wouldn’t want a “Happy Meal”?  Even food we would consider real, like eggs, milk, chicken, pork and beef is injected with chemicals, hormones and antibiotics before it arrives at our table. We are what we eat. We therefore need to know what we are eating. If you are curious, pick up Wenonah’s book and learn more.

Nutrition Tip of the Month

Avoid eating food that has an infinite shelf or refrigerator life. Examples: lunchables, doritos, fish sticks, chicken fingers, hot pockets, oreos. If it doesn’t go bad, it’s probably very bad for you…..

Dr. K